Tickets for the tour are on sale now!

Pre-sale tickets are only $12 and can be purchased online or at several Richmond area retail locations.

Retail Ticket Sale Locations

Pre-Sale tickets for the tour are available for $12 each at the following locations:

  • Azalea Garden Center
    4800 Azalea Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
  • Little House Green Grocery
    1227 Bellevue Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
  • Once Upon a Vine
    4009 MacArthur Avenue Richmond, VA 23227
  • Twig
    6112 B Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23228
  • Sheppard Street Antiques
    103 S Sheppard St, Richmond, VA 23221
  • Sneed's Nursery
    8756 W Huguenot Rd, Richmond, VA 23235

Tickets will be available beginning early April through May 15th.

Buying Tickets on
the Day of the Tour

Tickets on the day of the tour will be $15 and for sale at Watts Hall, Union Presbyterian Seminary, 3401Brook Road beginning at 11:00 am.


For additional questions regarding
ticketing, please email









2014 Ginter Park Home and Garden Tour
“Music in the Garden”

Saturday, May 17, 2014 : 11am – 4pm

2013 GPRA President Rebecca Dodson volunteering as a docent and leading attendees on a house tour.

The 2014 Home and Garden Tour is right around the corner, coming up on Saturday, May 17, 2014.  We have 10 gracious neighbors who have volunteered to showcase their hardwork to the attendees of this year’s tour, who will be treated to 9 gardens and 5 homes to visit.  The theme for this year is Music in the Garden, and we plan to have musicians playing music in the gardens as the attendees tour through.  To tie into this musical theme, the benefitting charity of the tour will be the Music Therapy Department of the Children’s Hospital on Brook Road.

Volunteer for the 2014 Home and Garden Tour


Would you like the opportunity to contribute to the 2014 Home and Garden Tour?  If so, we would love your help!  If you have attended this event, you can attest to how special it is not only to all of us, but also to our guests.  How can you help?  We are looking for volunteers on the day of the tour to be docents (tour guides) in the participating homes and gardens.  By volunteering for a 2 ½ hour shift, you receive a complimentary tour ticket to visit the remaining homes and gardens before or after your shift, as well as an invitation to attend the tour after-party that is held to thank all volunteers for their hard work!  To help, and in the process, get to know your neighbors and make an important contribution to the neighborhood, please contact Paige Schiavone at or 804.512.0246.  


We are looking for local musicians to add to the ambience of the tour by playing in the gardens for the anticipated 300 tour attendees.  We are looking for instrumental musicians to volunteer to play for a part of the day in one of the home owner’s gardens, and in exchange we can list your contact information in our marketing materials including:

    • Link to musicians Facebook page or other website via our Facebook Event page
    • Listing (with contact info) in tour guidebook, on Ginter Park webpage and in Ginter Park Newsletter
    • Ability to hand out business cards day of the tour

To volunteer your talents, please contact Paige Schiavone at or 804.512.0246.